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The Lost Superfoods

What Is The Lost Superfoods Book?

The Lost Superfoods is a 270-page digital resource where users can learn a wide variety of recipes and methods aimed at sharing foods that are very healthy, sustainable and nutritious. According to the official website, the knowledge is organized for everyone, including those who have no previous cooking or storage experience.

The authors explain everything clearly and systematically in the book with colorful illustrations and easy to follow guidelines. The book contains more than 126 forgotten survival tools and preservation methods, making it an important resource for any person.

In particular, the book provides the exact nutritional value of all foods. This allows consumers to know exactly how much macronutrients their body receives from the foods in the book, including fats, carbohydrates, and protein, and how much more they need.

According to the official website, the main idea behind The Lost Superfoods was to provide as many American households as possible with superfoods that could be sustained for three, six, or even a year. This would help them weather a crisis like a hurricane or national unrest like a pandemic.

The Lost Superfoods  An overviews

Product Name The Lost Superfoods
Category Health and Nutrition
Aim Tips to make superfoods that last for a long time without refrigeration
Item Form Ebook
Language English
Number of pages 270 Pages
Benefits & features Promote healthy dietm, Reduce expenditure,Digital bonus guide free
Bonus 2 Bonuses
Price $27
Money back 60 days
Availability Only through the Official website
Official website Click Here

The Lost Superfoods Reviews

It seems that nowadays people are so immersed in modern trends and methods that they have forgotten the old ways of doing things. Especially when it comes to cooking and canning, no one thinks about the methods of our grandparents.

How do we get back on the field in our old age? Here comes the book Lost Superfoods. One hundred years ago or even earlier, people were becoming more complacent than the average American today. In the backyard there is an herb garden, a family smoking area, wells, filter coal, root cellars, and recreational and fishing opportunities.

The Lost Superfoods is a great source developed by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis and Fred Dwight. The book contains more than 30 long-term food safety tips and product tips that people can use today. The book has 270 pages that allow its readers to discover the different directions and traditions.

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What Makes the Lost Superfoods Unique?

The Lost Superfoods Guide stands out for its ability to focus on foods that can be stored for a very long time without a refrigerator. This makes it a convenient source of crisis food rather than other books teaching you how to cook. Hardly anyone remembers the foods listed in the Lost Superfoods Guide.

According to the author, people should be aware of these natural products. Unlike today’s survivors, they use authentic cooking and storage methods to last for years. Plus, they don’t require the freeze-drying method that few Americans can afford.

These foods can stand on the shelf for up to three years without damage. This means that the food is not spoiled, even if it is not strong. The most important thing is that these superfoods are cheap to make and a place for rainy days.

What Users Learn from The Lost Superfoods

Although the recipes in this book are not extravagant or exotic, they are rare. Some of the products in The Lost Superfoods guide are already available in users’ kitchens or have heard of them. Other “forgotten” or lesser known lost items not available today.

The author recommends using Google to search for some of the ingredients used and even how users get them. Most importantly, the book introduces readers to specific products and their possible combinations. It describes the history, origin, and uses of kudzu starch, biltong, Tarhana, and pemmican.

Photo-backed Information

A picture says more than a thousand words. One of the ingredients that makes Book Lost Superfoods special is the supporting material for the pictures. The pages in the book are colored. These are not the only images that have been mastered. Instead, they show real success and create images that users focus on and feel strong with.

Overall, these colorful illustrations make it easier for the reader to follow the recipes and help compare their masterpieces with the author’s. This way they can know if they are on the right track.

The Lost Superfoods Types of Recipes

The Lost Superfoods cookbook contains more than 120 recipes, including the following:

  • The Native Superfood that Saved American Colonists during the Winter of This list is not exhaustive and only provides a glimpse of what to expect in the cookbook.
  • The Superfood Used by Japan’s Elite Assassins on Month-Long Missions
  • Aaruul—The Superfood that Helped Mongols Ride to the Gates of Vienna
  • How to Make Delicious Lard with 2 Years Shelf-Life (and 5 Tasty Recipes)
  • How to Make Delicious Biltong with 1 Year Shelf Life
  • The Three-Year Shelf Life Viking Survival Food
  • Making Boiled Butter, Ghee, or Clarified Butter
  • How to Make Native American Pemmican
  • How to Make Homemade Bread in a Can
  • How to Make Mountaineer Tuna Stroganoff
  • How to Make and Smoke Kielbasa Sausages
  • Doomsday Ration Recipe
  • How to Make Homemade Spam
  • How to Make Bread on a Stick
  • How to Make Bark Bread (3 Methods)
  • How to Make Beef Jerky
  • Canning Amish or Poor Man’s Steak

General Food Preparation Topics

Incorporated into these recipes, the authors offer common cooking themes that readers use today. In addition:

  • 19 Foods That Will Save You
  • 22 Ingenious Hacks Extend Food
  • Storing vegetables
  • How to effectively mix your food?
  • For just $5 a week you can get more than £295 food for your family
  • With over 90 pages dedicated to these topics, these are just a few of the topics you can count on in this section.

The Lost Superfoods Pricing

Art Rude recommends that you buy Lost Superfoods from their official website. Upon purchase, the digital copy becomes available immediately. However, the physical version of the postcard can take several days to reach your address. In addition, the letter comes with small shipping and handling fee. Art Rude also offers readers a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Lost Superfoods money back

The Lost SuperFoods Included Bonuses

As per official website Lost SuperFoods offers customers two bonuses to help them stay prepared for eventualities. These include:

An Underground 12-Months Greenhouse

The guide contains plants that you can grow in a soil greenhouse in your garden. Greenhouses can cost around $ 200 and can take less than a week to produce. At the same time you can pick up every two years or more depending on the weather conditions.

1900 Projects that will Help You Survive Crisis

There, the guide offers self-destructive grief capabilities, the plant of wide-ranging coal-fired power medical methods, root hunting and fishing with minimal equipment.

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The Final Verdict

The Lost Superfoods Guide is packed with helpful information to help users store and prepare their meals today, following the ancient traditions of our ancestors. It is a great investment for any family, especially in times of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What will the book give me?

The Lost Superfoods is a catalog of 126 superfoods that can be stored for a long time without a refrigerator and other life attacks. It also contains the nutritional value of each product used in the recipes.

Ques- How can I return an item if I’m not happy with it?

The Lost Superfoods has a 60 day money back guarantee. You can send a quick email to the seller within 60 days and you will receive a refund without being asked.

Ques- Does it offer a digital book?

Yes. A digital copy of the guide costs only $ 27 and can be used immediately online.

Ques- Do I have to pay for this every month?

Lost Superfoods is a one-edition book. You can get a copy of the book and two digital bonuses for a one-time fee of only $ 27.

Ques- Is there a shipping cost?

Lost Superfoods is available digitally and physically. The digital product has no shipping costs. But the physical book will cost you an additional $ 8.99 for shipping.

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